How To Use ACOM ‘s Card Loan

How-To-Use-ACOM 's-Card Loan 29 May

How To Use ACOM ‘s Card Loan

ACOM is consumer finance of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. We are issuing card loans and credit cards, and there are store windows in all over the country and unmanned contract machine “Mujin-kun”. Applications for examination are required for use.



Applying for examination can be done from the Internet, store window, unmanned contract machine, etc. Procedures are possible without visiting the store on the Internet. Also, if you process from a window or unmanned contract machine “Mujin-kun”, cards will be issued on the spot.



When applying for application at window or Mujin-kun, prepare a personal identification document and let us visit. At the window, the contact person at the window desk, if you are using Musumekan let’s sign up according to guidance. You can shorten your time by visiting after you sign up on the Internet.



As the card is issued on the spot once the procedure is over, you can also use the ATM that is installed at the same time to lend you the same day. Atm is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, repayment/borrowing is also possible with partnering atm affixed by ACOM sticker.

About the repayment date in the case of borrowing with ACOM


In the case of consumer finance ACOM, repayment date when borrowing is made to be able to choose either the 35th day or the specified date every month. Also, if you choose direct debit as a repayment method, the sixth of every month is the repayment date, so it will be withdrawn from the designated account.



If you select repayment dates every 35 days, the due date of repayment is to be on the 35th day from the day following the borrowing date in the case of the first borrowing, after that, it is on the 35th day counting from the day following the previous repayment date I will. Please note that due to additional borrowing on the way, this deadline will not be extended.



If you choose the designated date every month, it will be the desired date, but the next business day will be the due date when the specified date becomes a holiday of ACOM. Also at this time additional use If the addition date is not extended along with a notice that the portion repaid more than 15 days before the schedule will be additional repayment for the previous month.



And if you choose direct debit for payment method, payment will be withdrawn from your account with payment set to 20th day on the next month 6th. In this case, if the sixth day falls on a holiday of a financial institution, the next business day will be the account transfer date. If you wish to repay anything other than direct debit, you can do it at a store or ATM.

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