What Is The Interest On The Promise?

What-Is-The-Interest-On-The-Promise 26 May

What Is The Interest On The Promise?

The interest on the promised card loan is somewhat different depending on the “loan product” which borrows.

Interest on the most popular “promise free loan” is set at 4.5% to 17.8% per year. In the past, loans were made with a limit amount of 3 million yen, but recently the limit amount has been raised to 5 million yen.

Promise Card card loans can be used at low-interest rates if you want high loans, which is very convenient. However, the prospective interest rate when delayed (repayment is delayed) is 20.0% (annual rate). Please be careful not to forget to return it.

For ladies’ exclusive loan product “Women’s Promise”, interest is applied from 4.5% to 17.8% in the same year as free loans.

Interest on ‘Promise ยท Self-employed Card Loan’ for self-employed people is 6.3% -17.8% (annual rate), which is slightly higher than general borrowing. However, compared with other card loan companies, it is becoming a popular item to be used by many people as “a loan that is easy to judge”.

The “Payment Summary Loan” “Conclusion Loan Based on the Money Lending Business Law” applies from the same interest rate of 6.3% to 17.8% (annual rate) as the self-employed loan. If you want to unify borrowing, want to refinance low-interest rates with promise, please do use it.

In addition, Promise’s purpose loan is a useful item that can be used from 6.3% to 16.5% (annual rate). It is highly recommended for borrowing with a fixed purpose such as bridal, leisure, moving, educational funds.

Convenient promise member service

Promise has a reputation, among other card loan companies, that “membership service is substantial”. The Promise member site can log in from the blue button called “member login” on the top page of the promise official website.

If you enter your card number and PIN, you can use it immediately after applying. If you are using Promise’s “Non-interest period service”, please proceed from here.

Promise ‘s member service can do various procedures such as changing address, workplace, e – mail address etc. In addition, it supports also online cashing, repayment procedure from the net bank, increase application etc.

If you are troubled to go to a convenience store at midnight and want to finish repayment at home, please try using the convenient member service of Promise by all means.

In addition, Promise member site can apply for repayment simulation and mail service. The mail service is a convenient service that will notify you of the monthly repayment date, notify “repayment date” to the cell phone or designated email address.

Those who wish to make a one-time repayment from now on, it is a good idea to take a look at “usage situation” in the membership service and proceed. Total repayment amount changes every day. It is also a major feature of Promise Membership Service that you can learn about usage as well as various procedures. Please try to make use of clever use of caching and information management.

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